Kim Ramirez


Kim Ramirez began her artistry career while in attendance at Texas State University. Learning color theory, light design, texture and depth through her years of design study. Striking out  on her own and pursuing her love of these elements brought her to her love of beauty. Classically trained by one of Laura Mercier’s artist, she began her journey in understanding what a true makeup artist is. Manipulating shape, light and texture, to bring any person to their best self. 

Over just the last 3 years, Kim has been published in over 9 domestic publications. Displaying her talents as an artist who specializes in makeup for photography. Kim’s experience goes on to stretch amoung corporate clients for male grooming, celebrities, and her discerning clientele. Recently Kim worked with actress and songstress Debra Cox while she made her media circuit here in San Antonio. 

Kim remains one of the most sought after artist in the area thanks to her work ethic, ability to communicate with clients, her promptness and over all professionalism. Though she leaves the state every year to study under the world’s top makeup artists and is always brushing up on new techniques and styles, she stays true to her classically trained roots. Kim understands the needs of her clientele and adapts to the want of the client first and foremost. 

“Makeup is not just a career to me, it’s an artistic expression. My goal is for each and every client to leave my chair feeling their absolute best. When you look back at your photos 20 years from now I want you to feel timeless not trendy. “